IPAStore the replacing of Install0us

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Install0us, the famous app to install any application on jailbroken iphone and ipad closed. We put in the light of the projector last week Kuaiyong, a direct competitor to itunes made by Chinese developers, this software allows you to install on devices NON APP jailbroken. Unfortunately the latter is under pressure from Apple to stop its activity (at least the illegal part). This leaves two competitor list Zeusmos (which requires no jailbreak n either), which we will discuss later due to update their suite of service. The last list joined the original spirit of installous, I mean the application reserved for jailbroken device, the application is to install via cydia.


  • IPhone / iPad / iPod jailbroken


Step 1. Install “IPAStore

  1.  Open “Cydia”
  2.  Press “Manage” in the bottom bar
  3.  Tap the “Sources”
  4.  Press “Edit” at the top right
  5.  Press “Add” at the top left
  6.  Type the address “http://iGoldHouse.MyRepoSpace.com”
  7.  Press “Add Source”
  8.  Wait …
  9.  Press “Done”
  10.  Look for “IPAStore” in the search engine
  11.  Select the package
  12.  Press “Install” in the upper right
  13.  Press “Confirm” in the window that opens
  14.  Press “Restart Springboard” once installation is complete

 Step 2. The operation is very similar to that of installous: Looking enforcement or browse referenced.

ipastore 11 IPAStore the replacing of Install0us

Step 3. This takes you to the form of a app, it contains all the information about the software and the download links to different servers.

ipastore 21 IPAStore the replacing of Install0us

 Step 4. Once your choice is made, it remains for you to wait for the download.

ipastore 31 IPAStore the replacing of Install0us


Step 5. Once the file is in your possession, click it, and install it.

ipastore 41 IPAStore the replacing of Install0us


To go further: Install IPA manually

Formerly allowed to manually install installous your API (applications) that you downloaded from the net to your PC. But since the closure of its server installous can not perform this function even more …

1. Download your IPA file (thank you google)

2. Send this file to your iDevice (via DiskAid) if you downloaded from your PC. (You can download from your iPhone with Safari Download Plugin Manager available on cydia)

3. On cydia, download the application “Install IPA” (available on the repo iGoldHouse)

4. Once installed, open the new application, it asks for a URL to verify that you are using the latest version of the app not pay.
Click “CHECK”, a web page opens, go the pub, then Copy the URL and paste it into the field provided for this purpose in the IPA software Install:

ipa installer 503x271 custom1 IPAStore the replacing of Install0us


5. Once the software is activated, navigate to the file system of your device in order to find your newly added IPA.

ipa installer 11 IPAStore the replacing of Install0us


6. Click the IPA file to start installation.

ipa installer 21 IPAStore the replacing of Install0us


To go further ENCORE:

The competitor, the competitor. The competitor is IPAStore vShare his namesake Chinese. The software is prettier, more complete, and it allows a installous how to make updates to your applications. But it has two big flaw, slow download, and good numbers of applications are referenced with their names written in Chinese … What makes them impossible to find via the search form … Rather frustrating.

vshare 600x4501 IPAStore the replacing of Install0us

VShare install in addition to IPA Store will be impossible to achieve from cydia (there is a conflict when installing the package AppSync). You must install it in another way. On cydia: get “safari download manager” and “ifile”, then your iDevice, go to this address: http://blankart.ovh.org. Then download vShare. By using ifile, go to “/ var / mobile / media / downloads /” then click vShare.deb, and finally install it! Make a restart if the app does not appear on your springboard.

IMG 01811 IPAStore the replacing of Install0us

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